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**Please Note: Even though these files are called “Podcasts”, it is not necessary for you to have an iPod or iTunes in order to be able to listen to them. You can listen to them using any device or music player (i.e., Windows Media Player) that plays MP3 files.**

I have always jokingly referred to myself as the “black sheep” of my family. Not because of any horrible traumas or dramatic personal failures, but just because I’ve always felt so different than everyone else around me. Consequently, I’ve acted quite differently too, as you will hear in the following speech, “Black Sheep Girl In A White Sheep World”. Click here to download the podcast to your computer, or scroll down to listen in this window.

For my second podcast I offer a humorous look back over the first ten years of our marriage entitled, “A Tale of Two Spouses.” This speech won me second place in a humorous speech competition. Click here to download, or listen below.

For my third podcast I gave a speech entitled, “How To Thrive As A Dilettante.” It gives a few strategies to help support you if you are, as I am, a generalist living in a world of experts. Click here to download, or listen below.

My fourth podcast is entitled, “I Am Not An Engineer’. Truer words were never spoken.
Click here to download, or listen below.

In the spring of 2007 I participated in Jeff Justice’s Comedy Workshoppe. For graduation, each of my classmates and I performed a 4-minute routine on stage in a show at The Punchline in Atlanta. This was my routine. Click here to download, or listen below.

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