My Story

My favorite stories from back when I was just a goofy new blogger:

A Tale Of Two Spouses

Free At Last

Take Me To Your Leader

Random Access Memory

If I Wanted To Feel This Bad About Myself, I Would Have Tried On A Bathing Suit

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

It Was Somebody’s Job To Think This Stuff Up

I Can Think Of No Funny Titles For This Post About Math

The “F” Word, Or, The Karma’s Gonna Getcha

It’s Taken Ten Years Of Marriage To Work Out A System This Effective

Things That Make You Say, “What?!”: People Who Do NOT Pay Attention

Possession Is 9/10 Of The Law

I Just Love Being Me

Failure To Communicate

Dude, Where’s My Stuff?

School Daze

Chain Reaction

Do You Think My In-Laws Are Trying To Tell Me Something?

Car Talk

First Contact

Prayer Of The Faithful

13 Tag Lines I Decided Not To Use In My Business

Why I Will Probably Never Be A Spiritual Master

Apparently,  My Powers Have Some Limits

Grammar Snob Strikes Again

Coffee Is The New Black

We Become What We Mock

Lightly Nerdy

Breaking Up: Still Hard To Do, But Getting Easier

The Stories From That Time I Did Stand-Up Comedy:

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Funny Bone Gone?

You May Be Right-I May Be Crazy

All The Scoop On Week 2

9 Days To Go

8 Days Left

Mastering Our Craft

Holy Cow-It’s 2 Days Away!

Woo Hoo! I Did It!

A Stand Up Gal

Here I Am At The Punchline

The Story Of The Time My Body Was Taken Over By The Hostile Alien Intestinal Bacteria

Creative Rebellion

I Really Do Learn Something New Every Day



Happy Thanksgiving!

So This Is How My Day Went

But Wait-There’s More!

They Could Not Find Their Own Ass With Both Hands And A Map

Follow Up

Seriously, I Could Not Make This Stuff Up


Again With The Poo

2008, or, “The Year When No One Knew What Was Wrong With Me”

Thank Goodness For Accountability


I Am Too Tired To Think Of A Cute Title For This Post

Would You Like To Try And Guess How Many Times An Hour I Stop Breathing And Wake Up At Night While I Am Attempting To Sleep?

Take My Mind, Please

The Wall

That Really Takes The Pressure Off

The Word Of The Lord

Things That Make You Say, “What?!”: Other People

I’m Not Dead Just Yet

Just Taking The Wind Right Out Of My Sails


A Blessing For One Who Is Exhausted



Wherein Mother Nature And I Throw Down

On My Way To Winning “Coaching Client Of The Year”

Dear Doctor On Call At My Physician’s Office Tonight

Just Because You’re Paranoid, That Doesn’t Mean They’re Not After You

I FINALLY Get A Diagnosis

Like-Minded Souls

Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have A Diagnosis

This is What Having Fibromyalgia Looks Like

Hitting Me Right Between The Eyes

It’s Definitely A Sign That You Had A Really Bad Night

“Why Pain-Free Days Aren’t Really All That Free”

Cranky Fibro Girl And The Puzzle

This Is What Having Fibromyalgia Feels Like

The Marathon

Dear Lyrica Commercial: As A Real-Life Fibromyalgia Patient And Not Just An Actor Playing One On TV, I Have To Say That Your Commercials Are EXTREMELEY Misleading



Murder, Mayhem, And Hot Gay Pool Boys

Just When I Thought I’d Never Feel Funny Again, I Get A Phone Call Like This

The Attack Of The Two-Headed Christmas Baby

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