That’s Not Something You Hear…Ever

2013 April 5
by Jenny

So I was at the dentist yesterday for a checkup and, not surprisingly, since it had been almost a year and a half since my last visit, the dentist informed me that I had some cavities.

He’d confirmed two of the suspect spots and was examining a third when he suddenly asked, “Do you smoke?”

“No,” I said, all my 40 years of Being A Good Girl rising up in horror that he might think such a thing of me.

“Oh, well this is just a really weird place to get a cavity.”

“I like to be unique,” I quipped.

“Yeah…I was really just hoping you smoked.”

And now I am very afraid.

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  1. 2013 April 11

    Err…shit. Sorry to hear that. Well, at least you can…there’s always…ah, hell, I got nothin’. Here’s hopin’ it’s easy to fix. :p

  2. 2013 April 12

    Thanks :) One of the few times I was speechless.

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