And Now For Something Completely Different

2013 January 8
by Jenny

I’m hoping, in this new year, to post a bit more frequently here on the blog. It will be a nice push for me to become a bit more regular with my writing, and a push to give myself permission to try out different kinds of writing.

The writing that showed up today was sparked by a class offered by Ronna Detrick called “Inspired By Eve“, in which she guides you through a process of re-imagining the possibilities of Eve’s story, and then using that to re-imagine and retell parts of your own story. In today’s lesson she had us write about desire, and this is what showed up for me.


Desire is big, bold, and brassy. Desire sashays right up to you at the bar, voluptuous hips swinging, working every inch of her little red dress, and gives you the once-over while asking you for a light. But what she’s really asking is, “Are you ready? Can you step up? Are you willing to take the ride?”

Desire bats her mile-long lashes at you and beckons you with a flirty glance; a dare, and a promise.

Desire flips her silky blond hair over one shoulder, pretending disinterest, but you’re well aware that she’s watching your every move.

You lick your lips. Your body moves closer of its own accord, irresistibly enticed by what Desire seems to promise-no guaranteed outcomes, but a hell of a ride, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Returning her gaze head on, you lift your chin, strike a match, and set the world alight.


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  1. 2013 January 8
    Ronna permalink

    So honored. And so delighted by what you’ve envisioned and written!! May it be so! I’m ALL for setting the world alight! xo

  2. 2013 January 10


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