Cranky Fibro Girl And The Fantasies

2011 August 2
by Jenny

(My husband and I,  on our way to pick up dinner.)

Me: “You know, I last had an appointment with my fibro doctor on June 23rd. And now it is July 28th, and I finally realized that I’ve been arguing with him in my head every single day since I last saw him.”

My husband: “About what?”

Me: “About trying to prove that he is wrong and I am right.”

My husband: “But I thought you had admitted that he was right about anti-inflammatories helping your pain.”

Me: “Well no, not about that. About other stuff.”

My husband: “Well, what then?”


(Pause while my husband valiantly struggles to stay in his own lane despite his hysterical laughter.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. Some people fantasize about sex. I fantasize about being right.”

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