Cranky Fibro Girl And The Game Show

2010 June 29
by Jenny

So lately I’ve been using a system of time/project management that has really been helping me to actually get things done, stay present while I’m doing them, and enjoy each step rather than trying to race all the way to the end in the shortest amount of time possible. I call it, “Do Three Things.”

Our camera is being difficult, or I would show you my SO COOL container for this whole system.

I went to Target and got a set of cubicles that is 3 across and 3 down, so 9 in total.

Thanks to some wonderful tools I’ve discovered, I have been paring down my ideas like I never have before to see what I could actually fit in my days/life AND take care of myself (revolutionary, I know).

Then I got these cool, I guess you would call them sort of brightly colored collapsible canvas boxes with handles that fit inside the cubicles.

And, with more paring, I cut everything down to 3 ongoing projects: learning how to be vegan, my website, and this forum I belong to.

And then I picked 3 “temporary” projects (like participating in a 4-week teleclass. )

And then I left 3 cubes open, so that I have room for new projects to come in.

And then within each project I got some index cards and I wrote down the specific next 3 steps for each project (ex. “try recipe on p.47″).

And so I am actually DOING my creative work!! And enjoying it, because I am actually being present with it. And not turning manic.

So yesterday I decided to turn my 3 Things into a game show, just to have a little fun with it. And this is how it went.

**wild cheering from the audience as the game host and his beautiful assistant walk out on stage**

Game Host: And today we have Jenny with us. Jenny, you’ve played 3 Things before, so why don’t you just go ahead and spin the wheel.

Jenny: **spins** Big money! Big money!

**wheel slows down and then stops**

GH: OK, let’s see what you’ve got here. Number 1-go to the chiropractor, Number 2, make a bank deposit, and, oh, this is a tough one here, Number 3-go grocery shopping

audience: **gasps**

GH: Now number 3 is a big one-do you want to put it back and spin for something else, or do you want to go ahead and do it for extra super bonus points? Remember-it could prevent you from participating in further rounds of the game today because of how much energy it will take.

Jenny: **brows furrowed in thought** Um, yeah, I think I’ll do it!

audience: **wild clapping and cheering**

GH: All right. Let’s see what you can do.

Jenny: **runs off to get started**

Jenny: running back into the studio

Jenny: “Pat, I’ve finished all three things!” (I decided that the game show host is named Pat)

*audience claps and cheers*

Pat: “Fantastic work! I see you’ve already gone shopping in our “Rewards” section.

Jenny: “Yes, that’s right. I bought myself a treat for going to get groceries, and now I will have the pleasure of reading “Death By Bikini” this week.”

Pat: “Way to go! And I’d also like to give you Super Bonus Points for using the Conditions Of Satisfaction to declare that your three errands were ENOUGH, even though you have more uncompleted errands on your list.”

Jenny: “Thanks. I’m pretty damn proud of that myself.”

Pat: “All right-it’s time to spin the wheel again. Let’s see where it lands this time.”

Jenny: *spinning*

*wheel stops*

Pat: “OK. This time it looks like you got 1-order new vacuum cleaner bags, 2-write down 2 things in The Book Of Me, and 3-add all your appointments to your calendar.”

Jenny: “OK, I can do that. But first, I’d like to buy a rest period.”

Pat: “OK-what length rest period would you like to buy?”

Jenny: “I’ll take an hour, which will include lunch.”

Pat: “Done. See you back here in an hour.”


Pat: “Anndd, we’re back. If you’ll recall, before the break Jenny had completed her second set of 3 Things and then decided to buy a rest period.”

**Gorgeous assistant points me out with a flourish of her hands.**

Pat: “So, Jenny. How are you feeling now?”

Jenny: “I’m feeling really good, Pat, thanks. I think I’m ready to tackle another 3 Things.”

Pat: “Great. So let’s refresh everyone’s memory on what those 3 Things are.”

Pat: “All right. If I recall correctly, they are as follows: Number 1…order some vacuum bags. Number 2…Write down 2 things in The Book of Me, and Number 3…start adding appointments to your calendar.”

Jenny: “OK-I can definitely do 1 and 2, but I’d like to switch out 3 with something else. I have a coaching call in 1/2 an hour, and I’d like to make some notes beforehand.”

Pat: “All right. And way to go on being able to be flexible and open to adjusting things when that’s needed.”

Jenny: “Thanks, Pat. And now I’m off to tackle this round of Do Three Things.”

Pat: “All right. Good luck. And I guess we’ll see you back here after you’re done with your call.”

Jenny: “Yep. See ya then.”


**Once again we’re back in the studio with Pat and his gorgeous assistant**

Pat: “Well Jenny, I see you’re back, even if it’s a little later than anticipated.”

Jenny: “Yes. I had a great coaching call, and then I started another 3 Things. And this will be the last cycle for today. I am declaring “Enough”, and “Done”.

Pat: “Good for you! So, what are your last 3 Things?”

Jenny: “#1-pay 2 bills, #2-FINALLY got all the damn scheduling done, #3-finish listening to a recording of a teleclass. And for a bonus, I cleaned off all the papers on my desk, got everything assigned to the right list/cubicle, and culled my To Do list to see what I could let go of. So I can end the day with cleaned out, clear energy.”

Pat: “Well you did FANTASTIC on today’s episode of Do! Three! Things! You’ve qualified to come back for our next episode, so make sure you bring some juicy items to work on for next time.”

Jenny: “Will do. See ya next time.”

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  1. 2010 June 29

    Happy, oh so happy to find your blog. Much needed laughter and outlet.

  2. 2010 June 29

    Glad to have ya!

  3. 2010 June 29

    I cracked up reading your home page about your mom asking someone to stop by your blog as a favor…because my mom does that…she passes out my URL to her friends :)

    Found your blog through Lynne. You two are both darn funny. Thanks for giggles!

  4. 2010 June 30

    That’s funny. Moms are great

    Thanks so much for stopping by-so glad you enjoyed it :)

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