The Good, The Bad, And The Embarrassing

2007 February 5
by Jenny

Good: Finding out that your relatives regularly read your blog in order to keep up with what’s going on in the family.

Bad: Learning this after you’ve prominently featured a story about nipples on your home page.

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  1. 2007 February 5


  2. 2007 February 5

    Hehe. Kind of funny, because I gave my site to my mom after I found out about her blog. All this time I thought they were already reading it. :P

  3. 2007 February 5

    I thought the nipple thing was kinda funny. But it wasnt the nipples that got my attention. It was the ovulating and wtf. hahaha. Good for a laugh. Why are the relatives commenting on it?

  4. 2007 February 6

    hahahah! i often forget that people like my mom, dad and aunts read my blog! i am laughing out loud about the nipples. too darn funny!

  5. 2007 February 6

    Oh man! One good thing about not talking to my mother, LOL! She doesn’t read my blog thank God. You prro thing.

    They still love you, don’t worry. :O)

  6. 2007 February 6

    Oh my. Yikes!

  7. 2007 February 8

    You had a nipple incident also with your family?

  8. 2007 February 8
    Administrator permalink

    You had a nipple incident also with your family?


  9. 2007 February 11

    Excellent – classic… thanks for sharing your horror lol

  10. 2007 April 6
    Administrator permalink

    Fortunately, either they didn’t notice the “nipple incident”, or they thought it was funny too :)

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