Nice Try, But No Cigar

2006 August 24

Today was “leg day” with my trainer at the gym.

She showed me this exercise she wanted me to do that was a combination of a squat, a squeeze, and a ballet position. It is designed to work your entire lower body, but it looked really hard. So I decided to try and stall for time.

Me: “I never took ballet. I’m too short to be a ballerina.”

My Trainer: “True. But you’re not too short to squeeze your ass.”

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  1. 2006 August 24

    Great comeback! Of course, I probably would have wanted to smack her upside the head, but great comeback nonetheless!

  2. 2006 August 25
    Administrator permalink

    Yes, I definitely felt that urge too :) But I stamped it down because I do like the results I’m getting, even if there are some days when I cannot walk or lift my arms at all.

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