8 Week Check-In

2006 August 9

I never thought I would be writing these particular words about myself, but this is my 8th week of working out with a trainer. This, despite the fact that when I went in last Thursday for my lower body workout she greeted me by saying, “I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a bad mood or what, but I am TOTALLY gonna kick your ass today!”

Me: (totally lying, with giant fake grin and two thumbs up) “GREAT!” (because if I don’t at least fake happiness, she will just make the workout Even. Worse.)

I can say that I have seen myself make a lot of progress over the past eight weeks, and I think that is due at least in part to my setting the bar of expectations as low as is humanly possible in our first session together.

(Sample conversation from our first workout.)

Me: “And what did you say these were?…Legs, huh?”
Me: “And what do they do again?”

Unfortunately however, sometimes my previous exercise experience gets me into trouble. Because then my trainer discovers that I can do a bit more than I let on. Like the time she had me lay face-down on a balance ball and then curl my torso up, like a backwards sit-up, to work my back.

My trainer: “OK, go ahead and try this. You probably won’t be able to…”

Me: (curling up to almost 90 degrees)

My trainer: “Holy s*&%!””

Me: “Oh by the way, I’m really flexible.”

Or times like this.

My trainer: (hands me a couple of really heavy weights)
Me: (I am able to lift them.)
My trainer: “Wow, your triceps are really strong!”
Me: “I have no idea how that happened!”

But it is definitely worth it, because now I can go up to my husband, accost him with a random body part, yell, “Feel this!”, and there is actually something muscle-like for him to feel. (And he enjoys this much better than being accosted with random mystery items from the refrigerator and having to, “Smell this!”)

So anyway, I just wanted to check in here with this update, because the more people who know about this, the harder it is for me to weasel out of going. And also to say:

Yay me!

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  1. 2006 August 10

    Yes, yay you, and all the people you are inspiring to take on something in their lives that they didn’t think they coould!

  2. 2006 August 10

    Thanks for the visit. :D Now you have one more person cheering for you! “You can do it!” Don’t forget to drink lots of water.

  3. 2006 August 10

    Yay you! I’m pretty sure if I had a trainer, the only thing she’d be saying “Holy s*&%!” about is how wimpy I am.

  4. 2006 August 11
    Administrator permalink

    Yay-thank you all for all of the encouragement!

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